About us

The Global Leadership Community is a leadership learning laboratory initiated by Global Leadership Partners Asia. We are a dynamic self-organizing community dedicated to exploring distributed leadership and methodologies of collaboration in service of an evolved society. Our mission it to create and nurture a diverse community of purpose-driven self-aware leaders to think together and create holistic solutions.

We believe that in order to progress as a human race we must seek diverse and divulging viewpoints to discover new perspectives not currently in sight. Today’s challenges demand that we come together to think collectively and in new ways. We need to seek inspiration from new perspectives not from the past. This means we need to be actively pay attention of how our way of being, thinking, acting and relating impact those around us as well as pay attention to what wants to emerge in conversation with others.

For organizations, that means business with a single-minded focus on profits will no longer take us where we need to go as a society. Instead corporations must take into consideration all the communities they touch. It is with this understanding that we have come together, to embrace our emerging future as it unfolds.

We are creating communities of practice to help us develop the skills necessary to embrace the unknown and create the future as it arises. We grow in our relationship with those who share a common future vision.

We seek to connect with other communities who aren’t stopped by limiting beliefs but instead take a stand for what is possible when we come together in community.