Day 1 (April 9th) of New Economy Summit 2014 (Organized by Japan Association of New Economy) started with a guest speech from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, emphasizing the importance of generating new businesses. He mentioned that venture capital investment has been increasing recently, citing its relation to 3rd arrow of Abenomics.

While Day 1 event had 4 sessions including innovations in Social Network, Connected world & Education and as well other guest speakers, the highlight of the day was the keynote speech from Larry Ellison about Data Privacy. In simple words, he spoke about how all of us are trading privacy for convenience all along with his viewpoint on Edward Snowden’s claims against Government. There was an interview afterwards where Ellison reckoned that Oracle is bridging the gap, in a way, crossing the chasm between traditional data center and cloud computing.

Larry Ellison (Oracle)
John Roos, Former US Ambassador to Japan, supported Prime Minister’s effective administration and encouraged businesses to develop cross-border thinking.

Session 1 – Innovations in Social Network had a panelists of CEOs from Pinterest & Yelp discussing about content business and what it takes to win in this new social economy.

Session 2 – Innovations in Connected world highlighted the evolving phenomenon of ‘Connected Commerce’. Panelists discussed about products like Fitbit, LiveScribe, etc, being designed to seamlessly connect with each other and reckoned that world will move towards connectedness.

Session 3 – Innovations in Education highlighted that Education field provides a lot of opportunity to innovate. The concept of MOOC – Massive Open Online Course has been discussed and panelists strongly advised entrepreneurs, teachers & everyone to contribute to the innovation in Education.

Session4 was a wrap-up session where Rakuten CEO Mr. Mikitani told that what’s happening now is more than innovation and it’s a disruptive revolution in the internet Business.

NES 2014 Speakers