The sessions of NES 2014 Day 2 (April 10th) focused on factors that enables and accelerate innovation. The day started with a general discussion on the core factors why innovation “happen” in some place and not in others. It was followed by an extraordinarily entertaining, insightful and inspiring session with Tony Fernandes (CEO, Air Asia) on disruptive innovation in the airline business (you can find a more in-depth post on his talk about his thinking on disrupting the airline business, branding and leadership here).

Day 2 continued with sessions of disruptive innovation in different industries and regions as example to support the general discussion that started the day. And ended with panel discussions on financing innovation and why Japanese startups are heading to Silicon Valley.

Highlights of the day! Tony Fernandes’ talk on disrupting the airline business and the panel discussion on disruptive innovation in Middle East and Europe – why global tech giants want the technology in Middle East and Europe?

Key takeouts on innovation

NES 2014 - key takeouts on innovation
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Key takeouts on leadership

NES 2014 - key takeouts on leadership
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Key takeouts on trends:

NES 2014 - key takeouts on trends
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