The Feb 7, 2014 Freedom to Fail GLC not only helped to clarify ideas about failure, but for some they were transformative, and for one in particular, life changing.

This sold out café was an opportunity to voice feelings about our own failures in a structured, non- threatening environment. Many who attended discovered the importance of being able to view and express themselves honestly, without concern about societal expectations. Sharing our experiences and viewpoints about failure with those from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds encouraged us all to think in a more expanded way. As a result, most us in attendance no longer see failure as negative.

Many people, after placing their failures on the failure wall were able to see that what they had believed to be failures were actually necessary steps in their learning journeys. They were able to make peace with the past and transform present circumstances.

The exchange of ideas in the rotating conversatoin was also an opportunity to step into new levels of self-expression, release pre-existing self-limitations, and expand personal networks.

The resounding success of this event is sure to spark more interest in future cafes, so a larger venue is now being sought.