There is something about putting the words “feminine” and “leadership” together that causes quite such a stir in people of both genders. However, for the 33 people who attended the Nov. 29 GLC to discuss the qualities of feminine leadership, something different happened. There was a depth of conversation that was unpredicted.

nice pic of group
Unlike the contentious conversations of separation, assigning blame, victim and villain roles, filling quotas, etc, new insights on the importance of listening, asserting oneself compassionately, taking care of the whole and seeing the big picture were brought up. I found the issue of time a particular interesting feminine quality theme at our table.

We left inspired. The conversation continued as people left the building. Many felt captivated to make changes in their lives and work place. It is clear the word, “feminine” will never be confused with weakness again with this group of folks!


It will be interesting to see where the Feb. 7, 2014 Freedom to Fail GLC conversation takes us next!