HideWhat a great day Saturday! A truly collaborative effort with over 20 people working together in its creation. Hide Enomoto-san started the day by helping us look at new ways to connect with our purpose. While not easy to do in a day he gave us a method and the state of mind to be in the quest.

conscious_leadershipThis was followed by a workshop facilitated by Skip Swanson and Dori Yanagi with support by Diana Chapman and her book, “The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership”. In any given moment we are either acting from a conscious or unconscious state. One isn’t better than the other but we are generally more happy and resourceful when we operate from a conscious state. The key is to recognize where you are at any given moment and shift to a conscious state, especially in these times of “emerging complexity”. In leadership coaching, we see more and more leaders looking for tools to help them shift to their conscious state to enhance effectiveness.

An interactive workshop with tarinainanika followed dinner. This was a refreshingly physical, fun and unexpected activity incorporating delight and play. It brought the topic of creating connection and creating community out of the head and into the body.

Panel DiscussionYoko Ishikura-sensei gave an inspired talk on what the future of leadership is requiring of us. We can’t wait to get the right pedigree or wait to be part of an establishment. The time is NOW. We need to extend ourselves beyond what we think is possible and to give our greatest contributions as Leaders today. She was joined by Kai Sawyer-san and Hide Enomoto-san on a panel discussion. Hide-san expressed that we all possess leadership qualities within ourselves and that leadership is not a title or a position. He expressed that in Japan’s past one’s identity was often tied up with an organization. If the organization failed one’s identity was questioned. Ishikura-sensei boldly shared that she pays “no attention to joining this or that community,” but instead follows her curiosity and interest. Kai feels connectedness with everyone with the realization that every action he takes affects everyone in some way. In the gift economy or “gift ecology,” instead of fretting over money, he offers his work to those in need and in turn his needs are met through offers. “What goes around comes around.”

This led to an experimental open space technology conversation led by David Nevin and Shiro. Topics from the day were broken down, digested and discussed. It was a cross-pollination conversation of new ideas. Commitments were made. Joel Mitchel lead us through a silent and profound gratitude exercise. Annette Karseras ended the day by helping us harvest the insights of the day.

lumina world_cafe

Overall the event was gratifying and inspiring. A follow up conversation (Global Leadership Cafe) is being planned for sometime in July. If you would like to contribute your ideas for that conversation please let us know.

Thank you everyone for your participation and contribution. FOLF 2 was a great example of the power of collaboration!

FOLF 2015