On February 20, a small team of GLC facilitators will travel to the Thai-Burma border to conduct a Global Leadership Café at the Karenni Social Development Center. The SDC is a small, community-based organization dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting the human rights of the Karenni people. The SDC’s aim is to build a new society based upon the rule of the law. To accomplish this, the SDC trains young Karenni refugees to become advocates in non-violent social change.

The objective of the Feb. 20 Global Leadership Café is to help the SDC create a long-term vision, appreciate their inner resources, and clearly articulate how other communities around the world can empower the SDC’s transformative work. Participants will include the SDC leadership team, staff, faculty, students, alumni and volunteers. Other Karenni community leaders will join the conversation, providing diverse perspectives on the shared challenges and opportunities ahead.

The SDC embodies leadership and innovation. While the GLC team hopes to contribute to the SDC’s success, this is also a fantastic learning opportunity for our community. In the context of adversity and limited resources, the SDC leadership team has created a strong and growing movement towards a more sustainable future. We believe that there are many lessons to learn from this community about the kind of leadership we need to thrive in the next 100 years. Find out more about the Karenni Social Development Center at their website here.

This inspiring project was made possible by Refugees International Japan. Find out more about RIJ’s work to assist refugees at their website here.

To find out more about the SDC Global Leadership Café, contact David Nevin (david.nevin@glpa-group.com).

You can read more about the event at our Tumblr site. You can also find more on the SDC web site.