New Economy Summit 2014 – Day 2 Summary

New Economy Summit 2014 – Day 2 Summary

The sessions of NES 2014 Day 2 (April 10th) focused on factors that enables and accelerate innovation. The day started with a general discussion on the core factors why innovation “happen” in some place and not in others. It was followed by an extraordinarily entertaining, insightful and inspiring session with Tony Fernandes (CEO, Air Asia) on disruptive innovation in the airline business (you can find a more in-depth post on his talk about his thinking on disrupting the airline business, branding and leadership here).

Day 2 continued with sessions of disruptive innovation in different industries and regions as example to support the general discussion that started the day. And ended with panel discussions on financing innovation and why Japanese startups are heading to Silicon Valley.

Highlights of the day! Tony Fernandes’ talk on disrupting the airline business and the panel discussion on disruptive innovation in Middle East and Europe – why global tech giants want the technology in Middle East and Europe?

Key takeouts on innovation

NES 2014 - key takeouts on innovation
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Key takeouts on leadership

NES 2014 - key takeouts on leadership
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Key takeouts on trends:

NES 2014 - key takeouts on trends
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Future of Leadership Forum

Future of Leadership Forum

We are excited to announce the Future of Leadership ForumLTwist Japan pic

May 15 at the Nippon Foundation.

“The job of our time is to hospice the death of old unsustainable systems and structures and to midwife the birth of new sustainable systems and new ways of being.”

– The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist

Immerse yourself in an engaging conversation celebrating innovative communities and the power of connections. Explore forms of leadership that emerge through interaction and relationships. Join a diverse group of young leaders, business professionals, social innovators and cultural creatives united by a shared vision of a sustainable future.

Connect in a discovery of our deepest values and resourcefulness through interactive dialogue, panel discussions and intuitive exercises. Communities and individuals will come together to discuss meaningful questions leading to committed action to address the challenges of our time.

This is a unique opportunity to co-develop new approaches to participatory leadership, at all levels: the individual, community, societal, and global.

Speakers and facilitators include: Lynne Twist, William H. Saito, Eisaku Tsumura and Kai Sawyer.

The Future of Leadership Forum is part of Weaving the Future, Connecting the Dots, Healing the Past. It brings together a consortium of communities promoting Lynne Twist’s inspiring message of sufficiency, resourcefulness and living a life committed to principles.

Lynne Twist is a global visionary, author, speaker, master fundraiser and human rights advocate. She has worked with Mother Theresa, co-created The Hunger Project with Buckminister Fuller and is a co-founder of the Pachimama Alliance.

“What you appreciate, appreciates.” – Lynne Twist

Empowering Women

Empowering Women

We are excited about our partnership with DBA… Partners to support the creation of Empowering Women! This May 13 event will be a high energized evening that brings together inspiring discussions on women’s issues, the Feminine Spirit, and a future that works for everyone. It is part of Weaving the Future, Healing the Past, a grassroots movement coming together to celebrate and promote the message of Lynne Twist.

Lynne Twist has been named the “Woman of Distinction” at the United Nations by the International Health Awareness Network for her work to end hunger. Her life is a shining example of a fulfilled woman in full possession of her personal power. Her dynamism and liveliness, her influence and authority, her ability to motivate and encourage, and her penetrating compassion have gained her the respect and admiration of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe.

A cherished wife, mother and grandmother, Lynne is a graduate of Stanford University , played a key role as Chief Fundraiser with The Hunger Project for 20 years, is Co- Founder of the Pachamama Alliance (NPO), and President and Founder of Soul of Money Institute. Her book Soul of Money is published in eight languages. Lynne Twist is Advisory Board Member of several institutions including Institute of Noetic Sciences, International Museum of Women and the Nobel Women’s Initiative (women Nobel Peace Prize winners). LynneTwist also received the United Nations Woman of Distinction Award.

Throughout her career, Lynne Twist has advocated for the stature of women in all circumstances : women of African tribes particularly around famine in Ethiopia , women of indigenous peoples in the Amazon, women of Bangladesh establishing micro-enterprises, and also business women, women entrepreneurs, women creating NPOs or social profit institutions , women in government, women consultants.

Her work with the Nobel Women’s Initiative supports the movement to end violence against women in the entire world. The presence of Lynne Twist in Japan in May 2014, and her example for women everywhere, is an opportunity to rally, to revive and to encourage all Japanese women to step up to a radiant future together.

Freedom to Fail Cafe – A Review

Freedom to Fail Cafe – A Review

The Feb 7, 2014 Freedom to Fail GLC not only helped to clarify ideas about failure, but for some they were transformative, and for one in particular, life changing.

This sold out café was an opportunity to voice feelings about our own failures in a structured, non- threatening environment. Many who attended discovered the importance of being able to view and express themselves honestly, without concern about societal expectations. Sharing our experiences and viewpoints about failure with those from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds encouraged us all to think in a more expanded way. As a result, most us in attendance no longer see failure as negative.

Many people, after placing their failures on the failure wall were able to see that what they had believed to be failures were actually necessary steps in their learning journeys. They were able to make peace with the past and transform present circumstances.

The exchange of ideas in the rotating conversatoin was also an opportunity to step into new levels of self-expression, release pre-existing self-limitations, and expand personal networks.

The resounding success of this event is sure to spark more interest in future cafes, so a larger venue is now being sought.

Time and Leadership

Thinking about TIME and its relationship to Leadership. How much spaciousness do you have as a leader? How much space do you allow your team?

Other questions we have discussed leading up the April 18 GLC include:

Where do you feel time pressures in your life?

What is the time/culture relationship/impact?

How do you measure the cost of your time? Is time really money?

When do you feel like you are wasting your time?

How can you recover your time?

How does your time perception effect your experience of time?

What is your leadership role model’s relationship to time?

How can you demonstrate respect for your time and for time of others?

Click here to view our Time mind map.