GLC VIII EMBODIED LEADERSHIP on Feb 6, 2015 at Wesley Center

What is Embodied Leadership? How aware are you of your body intelligence? Do you lead from the inside out, or from the outside in? When you take action, do you base your actions on your own values and purpose, or on values most shared with others? How much do expectations, rewards or fear of punishment influence the choices you make?

These are some of the questions that are likely to emerge in our “Embodied Leadership” conversation on February 6th. Come join the conversation and learn how to embody your unique leadership qualities in order to make a positive impact on those around you!

At this Global Leadership Cafe we will explore different understandings of Embodied Leadership and focus in on one definition that connects our body and behavior a leader. Shifts in our body’s physical stance and expression, can change the flow and balance of our natural brain chemistry.

Through participating in activities and discussion we will get clues about how to muster emotional resources we might lack as a leader — simply through changing our body posture or facial expression.

Physically embodying a more assertive or a more subdued tone in the way we choose to lead can also help us understand how our behavior and physical presence resonates with others as we seek their cooperation. What would you like from this Cafe and what can be unique contribution? Please join us, Feb 6, 2015!

CLICK here to tell us which questions you are most drawn to discuss on Feb 6. The question with the most votes will be included on the night.

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Impact of GLC VI Staying Foolish

We’ve just completed our sixth Global Leadership Cafe – Staying Foolish.

How did you or your thinking change, if at all, by attending GLC VI Staying Foolish?

Please share the impact GLC VI had on you by commenting below!

New Economy Summit 2014 – Day 1 Summary

New Economy Summit 2014 – Day 1 Summary

Day 1 (April 9th) of New Economy Summit 2014 (Organized by Japan Association of New Economy) started with a guest speech from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, emphasizing the importance of generating new businesses. He mentioned that venture capital investment has been increasing recently, citing its relation to 3rd arrow of Abenomics.

While Day 1 event had 4 sessions including innovations in Social Network, Connected world & Education and as well other guest speakers, the highlight of the day was the keynote speech from Larry Ellison about Data Privacy. In simple words, he spoke about how all of us are trading privacy for convenience all along with his viewpoint on Edward Snowden’s claims against Government. There was an interview afterwards where Ellison reckoned that Oracle is bridging the gap, in a way, crossing the chasm between traditional data center and cloud computing.

Larry Ellison (Oracle)
John Roos, Former US Ambassador to Japan, supported Prime Minister’s effective administration and encouraged businesses to develop cross-border thinking.

Session 1 – Innovations in Social Network had a panelists of CEOs from Pinterest & Yelp discussing about content business and what it takes to win in this new social economy.

Session 2 – Innovations in Connected world highlighted the evolving phenomenon of ‘Connected Commerce’. Panelists discussed about products like Fitbit, LiveScribe, etc, being designed to seamlessly connect with each other and reckoned that world will move towards connectedness.

Session 3 – Innovations in Education highlighted that Education field provides a lot of opportunity to innovate. The concept of MOOC – Massive Open Online Course has been discussed and panelists strongly advised entrepreneurs, teachers & everyone to contribute to the innovation in Education.

Session4 was a wrap-up session where Rakuten CEO Mr. Mikitani told that what’s happening now is more than innovation and it’s a disruptive revolution in the internet Business.

NES 2014 Speakers

What is the Future of Leadership?

An uplifting and inspiring conversation has begun with a group of exceptional people to explore the future of leadership. The collaboration has emerged from a common will and commitment to make important changes, inspired by Lynne Twist and her May visit to Japan.

The “Future of Leadership Forum,” taking place on May 15, is part of Weaving the Future, Healing the Past.  Lynne Twist will be joined by other inspiring speakers, a panel discussion and a global leadership cafe.

What is the Future of Leadership, and what is your part? Register here.